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Early Learners

Sharp Eagles offers a brand new early learning program that is designed specifically for children from 4 to 6 years. Research has shown that a child’s brain develops the fastest and most significantly in the first eight years of their life. We believe, at Sharp Eagles that this time is the foundation for a child’s learning to be built upon and developed in order to give them a strong groundwork for a solid future in school and life readiness skills. The most valuable thing that a child can learn is a love of education. By building upon a child’s early experiences and prior knowledge, our professional, dedicated and caring instructors will begin to provide children with unique talents that will help them to prepare for their academic future in communication, critical thinking, confidence, creativity and collaboration.

With support and guidance in language exploration, multi-sensory learning methods and the use of innovative and entertaining technology, your child will become eagerly engaged in his or her own unique and exclusive learning progression. Students will move at their own pace in order to enhance their natural development and needs in the learning process. Our goal is to guide our students through a learning process that is fun, stimulating and entertaining in order to keep our students engaged and eager. This course is designed to encourage your child to develop competence in language use, early reading and writing skills and most importantly to foster a lifelong love of language and learning that will extend well into their academic career and beyond.




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